Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The bulk of the our oil is sold as the Corte Capitani blend, in three litre canisters, and half-litre bottles, available from December 1st. The long-awaited Novello is available immediately after pressing.

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    Extra Virgin Olive Oil - "Novello" 2015

    Whenever possible, we look forward, with many of our customers, to the arrival of the Novello Oil. It is made from the very first harvest, at the end of October, and is bottled unfiltered. Its cloudy bright green colour may surprise you, and the intensity of its flavours sets it apart from all other oils. The Novello has more grassy, herbal aromas, and flavours of green apples, and finished with notes of bitterness and spice.

    It is doubly precious because of its short shelf life, so enjoy it, and use it up within six months!

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    Extra Virgin Olive Oil - "Corte Capitani" 2015

     Our signature Corte Capitani olive oil is a blend of Casaliva, Leccino, Favarol and Pendolino varieties, harvested at the beginning of November. This oil's mild fruitiness is characteristic of the oils of the Eastern Garda Lake region. It has a scent of apples and wildflowers, and elegant flavours of almonds, with hints of bitterness and spiciness for added interest. This blend is for all those who love a balanced extra-virgin olive oil typical of Lago di Garda.

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