Our Cellar

Our Wine production cellar

In order to preserve the authenticity of our products, we keep the winemaking process simple and natural, with as few interventions as possible. From the harvest on, our focus is on the gentle and respectful handling of the grapes. Only grapes that are good enough to eat go into our wine.

We begin by harvesting into small boxes, and sorting and cutting out any bad grapes individually. Other procedures include chilling white grapes before processing to keep intact valuable flavours and aromas. We use a basket press, a combination of temperature-controlled steel tanks and barriques, and gravity instead of pumps wherever possible for racking and transferring wine.  Our wine is matured up to 24 months in barriques. We bottle on-site with a mobile bottling company.

Our Filò

come and enjoy our wines and something to eat at our Filò