Spumante Manzoni Brut


Denomination: Spumante Brut
Vintage: 2016
Variety: Manzoni Bianco
Age of vines: 7 years
Training and pruning: Guyot
Yield per ha.: 7'000 kg
Vine density: 6694 plants/ha
% Alcohol: 13 Vol%
Drinking temperature 4-8°C
Ageing: 2 years
Harvest: by hand, en of August
Bottling: Early 2016
Producton: 2'000 Bottles



Carefully harvested in to 5 kg crates, the grapes are refrigerated over-night, before they are crushed without de-stemming. The cold must is then cleared by gravity, and slowly fermented in steel tanks at low temperature. Near the end of the fermentation the Wine is transferred to a pressure tank where the sparkling process is begun without any addition. After the end of its Fermentation the wine is then filtered and soon after bottled. 

Tasting notes:

Fruity and light, with pleasant acidity. It has a fruity nose and on the pallet, notes of peaches, lemons, apples and pears. The Filo Bianco has a balanced acidity and aroma, and a long finish.


Perfect as fresh aperitivo in the summer or at any festive occasion.

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