Who we are

Jan and Wendy

We are Jan and Wendy van Lamsweerde, owners/operators of Corte Capitani. Our property in Bardolino has a long history of winemaking. Originally, it was leased to farmers by the Garda diocese, and the rent was paid to the church in the form of sacramental wine!

In the early 1970’s, Jan’s family bought the land as a vacation property, and operated it as a hobby farm. They continued the winemaking tradition, but purely for their own enjoyment and for their friends.

Anno 2000

In 2000, we talked about moving beyond casual winemaking, and sought expert advice as to whether our terroir had what was needed to sustain commercial operations. Our test vintage of 2000 was a success, and so we embarked on new careers as professional winemakers.

The team

Jan & Wendy

Jan & Wendy


Jan grew up in Switzerland, and Wendy, who is Swiss-Canadian, in Canada. We met in Switzerland, were married in 2000, and moved to Italy in 2004. We live in Verona, and operate our business out of Bardolino.    

Camilla & Andrin

Camilla & Andrin

Next Generation

Our children not only give us support but also help us wherever they can. Andrin, after school and his other activities is always an enthusiastic and appreciated help in the cellar. Camilla our social butterfly, helps us to keep up with Facebook and photos.    

Our Vineyards

Traditional and ecological