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Our goal is to offer the international wine-lover an adventure. We do this by creating authentic Super-Veronesi: wines made with an emphasis on local varieties (both indigenous or bred for the region) that reflect the terroir of our vineyards.

As our company grows and evolves, so does our list of wines. Over the years, we’ve continued to refine our Campenadal, that today is called vanL, and – starting in 2007 – we’ve also offered Campet.  These two reds have proven to satisfy our own exacting standards, as well as those of our clients. Two newer wines are Filo Bianco and Filo Rosso, two wines that represent the essence of “far filò” – passing endless time, with a glass of wine, good conversation, and not much more.

With the 2016 harvest we have introduced our newest wine, a Spumante Brut made enterally from our Manzoni Bianco Grape.

If you are interested in purchasing our wines please click here, we will explain to you how you can enjoy our wine at your home. 

  •   Spumante Manzoni Brut
    Spumante Brut - 2016

    This sparkling wine is made from 100% Manzoni Bianco grapes. The early sparkling process allowed us not to use any sulphites and preserve all early fermentation aromas citrus fruits especially Grapefruit. It is a pale gold wine, with very smooth pelage. 


  • vanL
    Rosso Verona IGP - 2011

    This is the wine that we have been working toward for the last twelve years.  Coming from our oldest vineyards, the Cabernet Franc and Oseletta are blended together, as they grow together, to make an elegant, full-bodied and dark wine. It has silky soft texture, chocolate and dark berry flavours, and a healthy tannin and acid structure.  Would benefit from aging.

  • campet
    Rosso Verona IGP - 2012

    This wine carries the old name of a very small vineyard, and is our interpretation of the regional specialty, containing a small percentage of Merlot. The grapes have been cultivated with our usual care from the field to the cellar, to produce a style of wine that is more fruity and flowery.

    This is a perfect mid-week celebration wine, for when a meal requires a light but lively red wine.

  •   filò rosso
    Rosso Verona IGP - 2012 (out of Stock)

    Made with Rebo, a Northern Italian varietal that crosses Teroldego with Merlot, created by Rebo Rigotti. This is an accessable and flavourful spicy wine, featuring plum and black cherry flavours together with soft tannins and acids.


  •   filò bianco
    Bianco Verona IGP - 2015

    This wine is made from Manzoni Bianco and a small percentage of Garganega.  It is a pale gold wine, with rich pear, and lemon aromas.  Pears and lemons re-appear on the tongue, together with apples and peaches.  Luscious.


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